About the studio

WXCA is a multi-generational team of Architects forming an interdisciplinary design studio operating in the areas of architecture, urban planning and landscape. A variety of experience, a sense of aesthetics, a design approach affect the uniqueness of projects. The activity of the office focuses on public utility projects popularizing culture, science, art and shaping environmental awareness. When making design decisions, we take into account the environment around us and the rapidly changing reality. We are particularly interested in the transformations of areas of high cultural and natural value. We focus on expressing the identity of institutions, communities and regions through the proposed architecture and space. Thinking about the future, we analyze the impact of the project on the future audience and its impact on public life.


The team builds lasting relationships with cultural institutions and educational centers in Poland and abroad. We believe that partnership and mediation in a multilateral interdisciplinary dialogue are the key to carrying out strategic investments. Taking care of the implemented projects, we want to be both a link and a guide through multifaceted activities. We support our experience with the knowledge of our long-standing partners - specialists in the field of sustainable development, multifaceted security, museum technologies or the care of monuments and areas of natural value.


Along with decisions related to aesthetic values, there is also the exploration and dissemination of sustainable development through the implemented architecture. It consists both in the comprehensive creation of strategies for pro-ecological and energy-saving solutions, expressed in the shaping of the body, the facade, the selection of materials of efficiency, flexibility and the use of timeless solutions for the life of the building in the future and the creation of a space that builds ecological/environmental awareness. We are also close to the ideas of the circular economy, the renewal of raw materials through the reuse of existing substances and the revitalization of already existing resources.


We attach the same value to each stage of the design process. We begin our work with an in-depth analysis of the context, conditions and local community, the history of the place, the cultural context and an assessment of architectural possibilities. During our creative work, we use various techniques, including the creation of working models, casts, graphic sketches, but also 3D printing. Thanks to this, we can interact with the created space and feel the atmosphere of the project. We use knowledge of modern technologies - BIM or augmented reality. We create realistic visualizations that show the real character and uniqueness of the designed objects. We design from the general to the detail keeping in mind the necessary functionality, but also the sensitivity and aesthetic aspect of the projects. When making material decisions, we interact with their samples, which allows you to really get acquainted with the texture, appearance and general perception of the material.


WXCA Architects are eager to speak out in the public debate on phenomena that are key to the development of today's world. Representatives take part in conferences, lectures, discussions in which they willingly share their knowledge and experiences with other creators, specialists and specialists. Representatives of WXCA teach at universities and conduct thematic lectures and workshops for university students in Poland (for example, Warsaw University of Technology, Bialystok University of Technology) and abroad (Manipal Academy of Higher Education in Dubai). For many years, the studio has been running a professional internship program that allows young creators to develop professional skills in working with real design issues, as well as in cooperation with SARP and develops and promotes the Mentoring Program of the Faculty of Architecture of Warsaw University of Technology at the Career Office of the Warsaw University of Technology.


For us, the social aspect is important, which we implement by nurturing local and national identity, historical continuity, but also sustainable management of resources such as existing land and buildings. We express our desire to develop the above topics through action within the framework of sustainable development with special attention to the protection of heritage and the natural environment and for this reason, among other things, we have established the Miastonatura Foundation.