integrated cOMmUNICATION CENTER IN Białystok

  • AREA 112 ha
  • DATE2012r.
  • AWARDII place in urban-architecture competition for integrated comunication center in Białystok. Organizer: City of Bialystok
  • TEAM Zbigniew Wroński
    Szczepan Wroński
    Michał Czerwiński
    Agnieszka Nowicka
    Małgorzata Dembowska
    Marta Sękulska
    Sebastian Kochel


The aim of the project is to expose the existing valuable space arrangments within a given area, and suggest new ones for complementation and linking with the surroundings.

Filling the existing spaces of a given city area with tight building development with strongly articulated frontages brings order and urban character. Complementing the functional development with a structure of interconnected parks, boulevards and green squares is a continuation of the tradition of the Białystok park assumptions ( like the complex of historic royal palace parks, or the modern project of the boulevards on the river Biała). The presented suggestion of the development directions focuses particularly on strengthening the connections between the eastern and western parts of the city, divided by railways. Victory Street, designed as an attractive city boulevard, is a continuation of the historic and functional „backbone” of the city. A spot for a pedestrian-cycling lane has been suggested, connecting Victory Street and St. Rock Street, adapted for the disabled, along with the idea of using a pedestrian-cycling crossing to link green areas located on the opposite sides of the railway: the park near the St. Rock's church, and the designed promenade of the science-technology park, connected further with the city park. It has also been assumed to link the train and bus stations with a wide arcade over the platforms. It is supposed to form an attractive public space for easy transfer of passangers between the stations, the platforms, and the buses' departure points, as well as an attractive public area connecting the two parts of the city. Monte Cassino Street is an important part of the plan, which, due to its close location to the station, may become a new business center, entwined into the existing city structure.