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Our aim is to combine practical experience with a modern view. We approach each project with passion.

WXCA is an architecture office offering a wide range of Investor services. Starting with programme consulting, through various kinds of project designing: urban and architect projects, engineering, to realisation, interior design, and landscape architecture. Our prime goal remains to face the Investor’s requirements, and to provide full service with the realisation of the project. We keep constant track of changes in the development industry, reacting promptly to Investors’ needs and offering a fully or partly constructed spectrum of project services.
Our clear schedule and high levels of work ethics are a guarantee of harmony in co-operation between the Parties. We ensure reliable realisations of projects due to our sub-contractors having a stable and respected position on the market. We invest widely in our teams, modern technologies and swift organizational systems.

The main focus of WXCA is a knowledgeable, conscientious, and dynamic group of professionals forming the project team. Young designers co-operate with experienced architects. This is aimed at combining practice with a modern view. We approach each project with passion. We involve a lot of effort for them to be unique and functional at the same time. We work hard to put our Investors’ plans into reality with great care for every detail.

We are open for co-operation.