Urban and architectural development of Philadelphia Boulevard


Toruń – a port town

The idea of the Project is to strenghten the connection between the Old Town of Toruń and the river, which may emphasize the specific structure of the port town. A sequence of streets, perpendicular to the river bank, is a characteristic urban feature of Toruń, this is why the following project creates  the extension of existing streets to the water. Each of them is ended with a terrace – lifted up or floating on the water, which may be a platform, where floating pavilions may be moored. Locating the majority of gastronomic facilities on the river allows to keep the natural character of the boulevard and helps to emphasize the city's maritime traditions.


Terraces/ promenade

The space of the escarpment is shaped as natural, green terraces linking the area along the city wall and the river. It may provide the space for recreation with a wide range of possibilities of using it – as an audience to the river contests, as a space for astronomical festivals or a local leisure area. Its flexible structure allows to arrange it as an outdoor exhibition for historical objects which are already present in the space of boulevard.

The promenade along the river is to serve as an educational path representing the astronomical background of the city. The sequence of sundials is to mark the points of  intersection of the promenade and streets linking the Old Town with the river.


The tower/ the link between two banks

The natural character of the left bank of the river complements the urban design for the Philadelphia Boulevard and this is why a better connection between two banks of is needed. The project provides a ferry connection in the place of historical, non-existent bridge.

Moreover, a tower is to be located on the right side of the river to enable a new perspective in looking towards the panorama of the Old Town in Toruń.