Maritime Museum in Szczecin

  • FLOOR 7147 m2
  • AREA 2,6 ha
  • DATE2010


The new building of the Marine Museum – Science Center in Szczecin is supposed to combine in a symbolic, and yet attractive way almost all typological and ideological features of the place, meaning the very essence of sailing, the atmosphere and structure of a harbour, as well as fascination for the history of technology.

The object, housing a shooping area, an educational space, and administrative rooms, has been logically and naturally included in the existing warehouse system. In connection to the old warehouses, a long rectangular shape has been created, „trimmed” to the shore line, which, in its projection, determines the building's façade. Its form is a continuation on one hand, and a modification on the other of the warehouse module. With its steel „drifting” shape, it resembles a ship's hull.

The inner areas are wide and fitted with glass, which allows for them to be open to all directions. The administrative offices' windows overlook the inner side of the island, whereas the library and the lecture rooms face the north, towards the river. The exhibition hall goes well with the uninhabited area, allowing for a view of the old harbour and the cranes. The subdued colours of the walls and the floor form an elegant background for the presented collections. The ships, located in the eastern zone, create an impression of drifting, not being mere exhibits.

Owing to an open and smoothly shaped area, not only does the visitor realize the museum's offer from the very beginning, but also finds no problems moving around, regardless of a wish to enter the cinema resembling a huge ship's hull, view the displays, or visit the exhibition area to admire the ships.

The first floor, fitted with glass on the side of the hall, contains the administrative part, along with the management offices and a widely accessed library. It is also a place for a lecture room for 100 persons, as well as a cinema. The second floor contains offices and other administrative rooms, which, thanks to glass walls, view the island on one side, with the historic buildings of Łasztownia, and the exhibition area on the other. Some of the rooms are lit from the outside giving an impression of light coming in through a ship's hull. The designed Marine Museum in Szczecin is definitely not meant to be a traditional „home”. It is an object which uses its shape, related subtly to sailing, not only to express its function, but also to encourage visitors.