Housing superstructure extension Jagiellońska 23.

Category: Multifunctional

Owner: ZGN

Location: Jagielońska 23, Praga Polnoc District

Project:  WXCA, BuroHappold Engineering , High Tech Timber

Usable area existing office: 920

Usable area nadbudowy (residential function) : 760

Date: 2015

Scope: concept projekt



 Jagiellońska 23 is the concept of a 4-storey superstructure involving the use of innovative compressed wood technology on top of the entire footprint of the existing 2-storey office building located at No. 23 Street in Warsaw.

The project is the effect of the combined work of a team of Swiss engineers from High Tech Timber, architects from the WXCA Architecture Office, and engineers from Burohappold Engineering.

High Tech Timber is an innovative wooden construction solution in widespread use throughout European capitals and urban agglomerations like London, Berlin, Paris or Zurich.

The technology allows for the implementation of a compressed wooden structure on multi-floor city centre structures. The wooden structure can be 10 times lighter than an analogous one made out of concrete, which is especially significant when adding storeys over existing buildings whose foundations are often not adapted to carry any additional loads.

The numerous obsolete and underutilised historical buildings in Warsaw provide a large scope of use for this cutting-edge technology. This is also the reason why the City of Warsaw was chosen by experts from High Tech Timber as the space for their study project.

One of the greatest advantages of a prefabricated system is its very short construction time – the deployment of prefabricated elements allows one floor of a building to be performed in just one day.
This is also important from the point of view of the existing users of the building who no longer have to interrupt or suspend their work during the course of the construction works.