Biurowiec Future Processing

  • INVESTORFuture Processing Sp. z o.o.
  • AREA 6600 m2
  • DATE2012r.
  • COST PER M28000 pln
  • AWARDHonorable mention, Organizator: Future Processing Sp. z o.o.


The designed building forms a combination of post-industrial character and the prestige of the company's „showcase”

The new headquarters of Future Processing should reflect the philosophy and the innovative character of the company, and at the same time fit into the revitalized surroundings of the former Gliwice colliery.

The concept of the urban layout appeared as a result of separating the elements forming a closed quarter. Inside a yard was shaped ? a garden. It provides appropriate lighting for the offices and creates a friendly space for employees. The structure was cut in 4 points, symmetrically to its vertical axis so as to make it possible to move easily from the parking area to the yard space, and further in the direction of the remaining buildings.

The curvature of the yard's walls cut off the cross view through the building out to the parking zone behind. The floor divisions of the rhombus-shaped yard into a triangular network became a background for the whole concept of the inner garden.

In order to differentiate the character of the yard's interior two different materials are to be used at the outer layer of the building. The outside planking will consist of graphite perforated steel panels, set in an industrial character. They will be fixed as moving shutters, which will change the building's appearance during the day, produce a sense of constant movement, simultaneously allowing to control the light flowing into the rooms. The patio's walls have been finished with glazed clinker brick.