2nd prize for WXCA

in competition for a concept of Geological Center in Checiny


The project area is located on the edge of the Góra Rzepka reserve, included in the Chęcińsko-Kielecki Nature Park in the Chęciny municipality, in the kielecki district. The complex of the European Center for Geological Education in Chęciny consists of five buildings: a main representative building, a didactic building – a laboratory, and three module hotel buildings: two for students and one for the center's guests and the staff, of higher standard. The center was designed to accept 240 guests at once. The cuboidal, dense, economical in their form buildings were designed in the shape of stone blocks emerging from the rocky hill. The suggested structure goes well with the existing buttresses. It creates a rhythmic wall of buildings, clear from the south-western side, closing the inner space of the quarry.

Team: Zbigniew Wroński, Szczepan Wroński, Michał Czerwiński, Katarzyna Błaszkiewicz, Maciej Rudnicki, Agnieszka Nowicka, Katarzyna Kwiatkowska, Jacek Hawrylak, Marta Sękulska