in the competition for the regeneration of the real property located at ul. Rwańska 2/Rynek 15/Grodzka 1, inclusive of the regeneration of the Market Square in the City of Radom.


Jury's reasoning:

The work offers solutions that are characterised by spatial and aesthetic sensitivity. It is set on respect for the existing situation which can be seen in the minimalist forms of intervention. New elements of the development of the quarter (Deskur town house) seem to just meet the utilitarian needs – they are subject to the architectural creation to the smallest possible extent which, in the opinion of the Competition Jury, creates a favourable backdrop to the historic, listed substance. Similarly, the pavilion containing the ruins of the Town Hall has been designed as a neutral, restrained form positively contrasting with both the ruins themselves as well as the historical buildings of the Market Square.


Szczepan Wroński, Michał Czerwiński, Anna Majewska

The Composition of the Competition Jury included:

Ar. Jerzy Szczepanik – Dzikowski – Chairperson of the Competition Jury

Ar. Wojciech Gęsiak – Deputy Chairperson of the Competition Jury

Ar. Tadeusz Derlatka – Member of the Competition Jury

Marek Figiel – Member of the Competition Jury

Tomasz Tyczyński – Member of the Competition Jury

Ar. Mariusz Antos – Member of the Competition Jury (Reporting Judge)



The main aim of the project was to highlight the unique historical and aesthetic qualities of the heritage area of the Miasto Kazimierzowskie district of Radom and the installation of necessary technical infrastructure enabling the creation of an attractive cultural and recreational programme animating the life of the Market Square – the heart of the medieval city.

The reconstruction, expansion and development of the cellars of the historic town houses will create a flexible spatial arrangement for the functioning in this monumental fabric of the modern, integrated museum and centre for culture.