in the competition for the development of a visual and spatial concept of the Józef Piłsudski Museum in Sulejówek.


The results of the Competition for the development of a visual and spatial concept for the Józef Piłsudski Museum in Sulejówek were announced on 30th April 2015, where WXCA, together with RALPH APPELBAUM ASSOCIATES and Platige Image studios, were awarded first prize for their work!

The WXCA team is comprised of Zbigniew Wroński, Szczepan Wroński, Krzysztof Budzisz, and Małgorzata Dembowska.

An extract from the opinion of the Competition judges:
?The Consortium proposal best meets the vast majority of the requirements stipulated for the permanent exhibition. The project complies with and further develops the competition guidelines, harmonising the three imperative goals of the exhibition: the exhibition content being subject to continuous historical and emotional interpretation, offering a friendly spatial solution for the exhibition space, enabling the construction of specific fragments of the developed narratives that highlight the significance of the original museum exhibits in the context of other methods and forms of presentation encompassing multimedia and reconstruction alike. Furthermore, it was also recognised that the work introduces solutions that are most conducive to the promotion of education and to visitor activity in the best possible manner.
The Competition Panel failed to award a second prize due to the next two designs in terms of scoring failing to meet the level of methodology and quality provided by the winning project that was awarded the highest score.”


The Composition of the Competition Jury included the Jury Chairperson, Prof. Dorota Folga Januszewska, and Jurors: Janusz Byszewski, Sławomir Idziak, Krzysztof Jaraczewski, Radosław Kacprzak, Ewa Klekot, Piotr Majewski, Grzegorz Nowik, Allan Starski, Wojciech Tomczyk, Marcelo Andino Velez and Jakub Woynarowski